What Is An Air Fryer?

We live in a modern age where we have an option to choose between thousands of kitchen appliances. So it is pretty hard to decide, especially since today the awareness about our health and well-being is very high. We all want to eat healthier but don’t want to give up the flavor, texture and taste of our favorite foods. That is why it is crucial what food you prepare and how you prepare it.

So, keeping that in mind, in the text bellow I am going to introduce you to a fine kitchen tool simply named air fryer.

We all know that fried food tastes good, but it usually means that the food was mostly prepared in an unhealthy fashion. The well-known deep fryer does what its name says – it fries food by sinking it to the top in hot sizzling oil. In contrast, the air fryer uses a technique that is much safer for our heart. Hot air frying machines are the first real kitchen innovation since the 1970s, when we acquired slow cookers and microwaves. In this guide, we’ll do our best to answer the big question and explain what exactly is an air fryer.

What are the features of an air fryer

An air fryer contains a cooking area where high temperature is established by a pan and a mechanism that rotates and stirs the food non-stop. It uses a grill and a fan to blast very hot air around food at high speeds. Instead of using oil it works by precisely circulating super-hot air around your food to get the tasty golden brown finish in deep frying without the fat. The air circulates evenly from both sides and from up and bellow so your food is steadily cooked, while you don’t need to worry about stirring your food if for example you decided to have tasty French fries.

Although fast air technology plays the crucial part of cooking meals there are mainly two different systems of this technology. The first system is the exhaust system which controls the temperature of the fryer together with internal pressure. Using this exhaust system air fryer addresses excessive air. It also contains a filtering option, using this feature excessive air is filtered before the final release. When the temperature rises, exhaust system controls the inside pressure and reduces a little amount of air to ensure less pressure in the fryer. This system also helps to remove extra vapor of the compartment. You just need to choose what food you want to cook, put it in the device and close the chamber. The air fryer will do the rest!What is an air fryer

How hot can an air fryer get? Can it beat my stove?

Air temperature in the cooking chamber can reach up to 300 degrees Celsius (575 degrees Fahrenheit), so for example if you want tasty round chicken nuggets for a quick lunch you just need to pop them in the air fryer for measly 6-8 minutes, or let’s say you are in the mood for something sweet and soul fulfilling you can have your own delicious chocolate cake in 25-30 minutes.

So that is a lot less time spent in the kitchen in comparison to cooking with a traditional oven or stove. There are hundreds of recipes available for you to choose from. You can prepare cheeseburgers, marshmallows, grilled cheese, shrimps, salmon slices, mushrooms, onion rings and a lot more.

But what’s the taste like?

Most people are worried that air fried food will not taste good enough, but that is not the case. All of the elite chefs agree that air fried food meet the consumers taste and requirements in taste, crispiness, texture, freshness and overall impression.

On the plus side your food is not going to be dripping in hot oil, thus avoiding those filthy, hard-to-get-rid of stains and more importantly – no more oil burns. You just need to put the chosen ingredients inside of the compartment and push the button for the appliance to start working its magic and push the same button again when it’s done. Easy on the go.

On the topic of burns, many deep fryers and chip pans alike are a huge fire risk. You would not believe how many accidents occur due to a simple oil spillage.

Are there any health and safety risks to air cooking?

No, especially when compared to deep-fat cooking. There are thousands of fires a year in the UK caused by deep-fat frying and tens of thousands in USA. All around the world, every day people expose themselves to the risk of being seriously injured due to deep fried oils. You can avoid this by using safe, harm free air fryers.

People don’t realize that hot, burning oil can cause serious skin burns or even house fires that escalate with grave results. With the air fryer you avoid all these harassments so you can safely with pleasure and ease prepare food of your choice for you and your family.

What’s the smell of food like with air fryers?

One more advantage of the air fryer is the smell, or to be precise – the lack of it.

What do I mean? No, I am not saying that the device comes with a natural sea breeze aroma, or fresh mountain pine air, I mean that this great tool is equipped with an important air filter that allows you to cook your meals without imprinting the house walls and ceilings with smoke odor. So now you can have a fast healthier meal for your kids without feeling like you live in a fast food restaurant. Pretty comfortable, wouldn’t you agree?

Is external heat a problem with air fryers?

So, no smell, no fires, but what about the external heat? We all know how in the summer the kitchen quickly becomes an oven on its own especially if you don’t own a living room size kitchen which you probably don’t. Don’t fear because to control the internal temperature of the air fryer, it has a cooling fan which ensures the circulation of fresh air from top to bottom. As a result, various internal parts of the air fryer do not become so hot even though it cooks using highly hot air.

Additionally, the air fryer has a cooling system so when you cook with hot weather in the summer season, your kitchen does not become hot as hell.

How much food can I process with air fryer at once?

The majority of the air fryers have a chamber big enough to meet your meal size requirements you just have to choose which one do you need depending on the number of people you intend to prepare food for. Air fryers are smaller than deep fryers but don’t let that fool you, most of them can satisfy your need all the while taking a lot less space and storage area, which is nifty and quite handy if you live in an apartment with roommates or kids.

As for maintenance of the device,  the dishwasher-safe parts of the Air Fryers are also easy to clean and it will be good as new ready for a new round of fast, tasty and most of all healthy cooking of your food.

You can choose from a wide variety of air fryers, depending on your preference. There are smaller, wider, metal, with a timer adjustable digital LCD control, digital touch screen menu bar option…

Advantages of air fryers

To conclude, let go over the many advantages and plus sides of preparing your food with an air fryer:

  • Cooking takes significantly less time than a traditional way of cooking, which leaves you with a lot more free time to spend it with your family, or doing stuff you enjoy
  • There are absolutely no odors or smells coming out of the device, saving you from the nuisance of turning on the kitchen fan, opening windows and washing your clothes to get of the food aroma
  • It is safe to use, oil induced fires are history, young teenagers can be taught to operate hot air fryers as safely as they would toaster ovens and microwaves, you don’t have to worry for the safety of your family or your possessions, no more skin burns and painful blisters and last of all you don’t have to throw away clothing that are permanently stained with hardcore oil stains
  • Most importantly the food is much healthier than deep fried food, almost as good as baked food, you won’t get sick of massive amounts of oil dripping of your meals and you won’t spend vast amounts of money on unhealthy cooking oil
  • In the air Fryer with the manual controls has many pre-set menu selection buttons for both time and temperature. There is also a special button option for Warm-Up and specialized cooking like as Chips, Chicken, Cake, Steak, Shrimp, Meat and Fish. So this option relieves you of spending time thinking what and how to use adding more comfort to your life
  • You can save a lot of your money by using it for multi-purpose such as baking, grilling and roasting. Otherwise, you have to spend for various unnecessary kitchen appliances to cook these foods.


I hope this article was of help to anyone who was considering buying this truly useful kitchen tool and answering the question of “What is an air fryer?”. Even if you weren’t, maybe after reading this you found out something you didn’t believe exists that will meet your needs! You can learn more about air fryers and air frying in general here.