Philips HD9240 Airfryer XL Review


If you want the best air fryer of the high-end category, we would like to kindly draw your attention to one of the representatives of the air-frying champion known as Philips – the HD9240 model. This digital air fryer delivers goods on all fronts and we thoroughly recommend it as the crème de la crème of the healthy frying domain. Check it out!

Philips HD9240 Airfryer XL – at a glance

Philips HD9240/94 Airfryer XL is considered to be one of the high-end products of the same category. It’s quite similar to the Philips HD9230/26 model, the only major difference being Philips HD9240/94 has a bigger cooking basket (about 50% larger), and cooking tray slides out on a handle, so there’s no need for a hot plate, which is the case with the HD9230/26 model.

This thing can do anything – fry, grill, bake, you name it!

This air fryer comes in two colors – black and white. The air fryer features unique Rapid Air Technology, which is used to circulate hot air with speed and precision, achieving faster cooking, and with 80% less oil. One of its main perks are the digital touch screen, timer and the ability to set the temperature as high as 390 degrees.

Philips HD9240 Airfryer XL Review
  • Cooking basket capacity
  • Temperature control
  • Versatility
  • Safety & build quality
  • Additional perks


Thus, in a nutshell, this is indeed a monster fryer. It's a choice you cannot regret making and something we recommend for every household. It might be shiny and elegant, but never forget the big picture – it's about YOUR HEALTH, and no price can be put on that. Get an air fryer, live longer!


Cooking basket capacity: 5

The company really outdid itself in terms of space utilization here, providing an air fryer that actually has as much space as the bulky size indicates. You can easily fit an entire bag of fries here, and the Philips boy won’t bat an eye. Specifically, we are looking at 50 percent more space than the company’s HD9230 model. It’s a large coking basket with a properly used space – an easy 5-star rating from here.

Temperature control: 5

The device features digital temperature controls that are accurate and reliable. The mix includes a 60 minute timer featuring a smooth ready signal, as well as an auto shut off feature. A smart preset button memorizes any settings for your top meal favorites, making the whole procedure smooth, modern, and just screaming high-end. The device has absolutely no overheating tendencies.

Versatility: 5

First of all, if you buy this product, you absolutely MUST try the French fries it makes. The crispiness, full flavor, the perfect balance between juiciness and stiffness, it will just rock your socks off. But apart from that, the HD9240 can still deliver any type of food you put in it. You can mix various meal types at once, they will all come out evenly cooked, without sticking to the cooking basket. The device is capable of baking, grilling, and frying, and there’s pretty much no recipe or meal it can’t tackle.

Safety & build quality: 5

Although this is one smooth-looking piece of machinery, it is very obvious that the manufacturer made sure that each and every security standard is according to the protocol, and for that we salute them.

As for the build quality, this is one sturdy beast, combining high durability and reliability on one side with a somewhat light weight on the other. Add those elegant looks we’ve been raving about to the mix and you get yourself a secure 5-star rating.

Additional perks: 5

The device is fully dishwasher safe and all parts are easy to remove and clean. The mix also includes a double layer rack that makes sure the air fryer’s cooking surface is used to the maximum of its capacity, letting you bake, fry, grill and roast more of your favorite deep fried food. Philips made sure all the air fryer’s parts are dishwasher safe, so there’s no hassle with the cleanup.

Are there any flaws here then?

Well, you know what they say – a high-end product comes with a high-end price, and not everyone can afford that. But apart from that, this fella is truly a strong contender for the title of the best air fryer on the market today.

Tips and tricks of using Philips HD9240 Airfryer XL
  • Before you start cooking, it’s recommended that you preheat the air fryer for an average of three minutes to get the desired temperature (although this isn’t necessary, it just speeds up the process).
  • After you’ve placed the ingredients in the basket or cooking pot, you need to make sure that there is enough space left for the hot air to pass.
  • If you want to make pre-made food, like frozen French fries, it is recommended that you set the temperature lower by 70 degrees than what’s standard, and also reduce the cooking time set on the timer by half (usually takes about 15-20 minutes). That being said, this temperature and time measurements can vary greatly, depending on the type of food you’re making, and your personal preference.
  • While most of the air fryers use a non-stick pan or cooking basket to cook, don’t forget to add just a tiny bit of oil on the bottom of the pot, in order to avoid the food getting stuck to the pan. Consult your recipe book if you’re unsure about the amount of oil you should use, and if you don’t have one – here’s one here: [Air Fryer Cookbook link]
  • If you want to cook food that has excessive fat, for example chicken drumsticks, you should get off any splattering and excess vapor.
  • If you’re cooking food that is high in fat by nature, you should probably clean any fat that stuck on the bottom of the cooking basket after you’ve finished cooking your meal.
  • After every single use of air fryer, you really should find time to clean the air fryer carefully, by using hot water and low to medium-hard sponge, unless you want your air fried food tasting like grease after a couple of weeks, or even days of usage.
  • After properly cleaning the Air fryer, dry it out with a paper towel.

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