Oil Free Air Fryer

If you like delicious fried food and you also want to take care of your health then you are in a pickle and not the tasty fried pickle, might I add. Thankfully, there is a solution for all of us who enjoy a gourmet meal and it is called oil free air fryer.

It is the most innovative kitchen appliance that enables you to eat all those tasty fried meals while keeping calories at bay. It achieves that by using hot air instead of oil to help you fry your food, and it is tasteful as anything made in a deep fryer. It is not only as tasty, but it is much easier and faster process that can save you a lot of time and money you would generally spent on oil. These are just some of the advantages of oil free air fryers. We are only getting started.

Fry with air not with oil – How oil-free air fryers work

All air fryers use rapid air technology that works by circulating hot air at high degrees and distributing it through the basket evenly to all parts of your meal, all that without the use of oil, fat or grease. It uses a heater element at the top to radiate air to your dish, and it penetrates to the middle of your food.

The air is then pulled upward by a fan placed above the heater, and it is loaded with heat energy as it passes the heater. Special air guide placed at the bottom distributes the heat evenly through the fryer, and since the food is simultaneously heated from both sides you don’t need to turn the food during the process. Oil free air fryers also have exhaust system that gets rid of the steam and smoke, filtering them before release.


Food cooked in oil free air fryers is well cooked, crispy and brown with 80 percent less fat than with deep frying. It is much healthier choice and easy to use. It is also faster and much safer, since you don’t have to worry about hot oil burning you, and you don’t have to worry about that bad smell that you get if you accidently burn your dish.

Protect yourself AND the environment – What difference it makes when you fry oil-free

When you don’t use oil to make your meal, you don’t have any that you might need to dispose of. That can save you a lot of time thinking what to do with excessive oil waste. If you don’t have any oil or grease to dispose, you are doing a big favor to environment. Also, you can save a lot of time cleaning the dishes and your appliances of all that all. And if you are frying your food in a pan, you can easily spill some oil on your carpet, and those oil spots are very hard to get rid of.

It is much safer to cook with oil free air fryer since you can’t burn yourself with oil. The air fryer might become a bit hot, but it is not hazardous to anyone. Also, if like to do something else while cooking, there is a possibility that you forget about your dish, which can result in burned meal or even fire. That cannot happen to you if you use oil free air fryer, since it has a timer that can alert you when your meal is over, as well as cooling system that prevents your food to be overcooked.

With it you get a user manual that can help you, in very simple way, understand how to use this appliance. Also, it can help you figure out how much food should you put in it, how to set temperature and timer and give you any other important information.

Does oil-free air cooking really work?

I know that many reading this will be skeptical about fried food made without oil. It does sound impossible, doesn’t it? But it really is possible, and it really is tasteful. Oil free air fryer lets you eat healthy and delicious food, anyway you like it.

It is not just innovative technique, but also a very versatile appliance that gives you a lot of options on the preparation of your meals. You can fry, bake, grill and roast, all without using oil, but it also gives you a chance to experiment with a lot of different healthy fats and oils, like avocado and walnut oil or goose fat. There are a lot of recipes online that can make your cooking interesting and diverse, at the same time keeping it healthy and tasty.

What does food cooked with oil-free air fryer taste?

I must point out that food made in oil free air fryer will not taste the same as food made using deep fryer, but that only means it tastes slightly different, not worse. In fact, many say that it tastes even better that deeply fried food, especially when re-heated or cold, since it doesn’t have that specific oily feeling and taste. Air frying allows you to make your food real crispy on the outside, and well-cooked and soft on the inside. There is no way to undercook or overcook your food, since you have timer that you can set to exact time that your dish has to be cooked.

What food can be made in oil-free air fryers

You can also use a wide variety of foods to make in your oil free air fryer. You can make any kind of meat, or tasty and crispy fries, you can grill different vegetables, you can even bake brownies or cake in oil free air fryer. Only thing you cannot do is process vegetables that are generally steamed. You can also add more ingredients in the air fryer when cooking is running but you should try to be fast so you don’t lose a lot of heat in the process. After you’ve put the ingredients in oil free air fryer, you should ensure that there is enough space left for that hot air to pass.

Health benefits of oil-free fryers

Health risks that are connected with eating fried food are well known and some are quite obvious, but let us see just how harmful oil is for our body. One of the most obvious reasons are calories. Look at your belly fat on some from your thighs. That is the result of excessive calories. Food fried in oil is one of the main causes of obesity, and obesity itself has a lot of health risks, like high blood pressure, heart problems, diabetes, and even death.  Sure, if you exercise enough you might just manage to get rid of those calories that you intake with fried foods, but that takes a lot of time and dedication. Even than it sure is better to use oil free air fryer because it is a great alternative to deep frying.

Some studies have shown that people who eat a lot of fried foods might have a higher risk of type 2 diabetes or heart disease. One is also at greater risk for high blood cholesterol and heart disease if we eat a diet that often includes deep-fried dishes.  Deep frying is not good for you as it adds a lot of bad fats and empty calories to your food and destroys the good nutrients so we end up eating empty calories. High cholesterol can lead to clogging of your arteries, which increases the risk of stroke or heart attack.

There are studies that show that diet that contains a lot of fried foods can also increase the risk of cancer or kidney failure. You should also keep in mind that some oils can lead to malfunctioning of human brain. Eating fried foods is generally bad for your health, and now you have an opportunity to eat tasty food without putting your health at such a great risk.

Seriously, what’s stopping you now?

It has been a man’s dream for a long time to eat healthy and delicious, tasty food. Now, that dream is coming true. Technological advances made in the last couple of decades have given us so much and have improved our life in so many different areas. It is time you allow yourself to accept these advantages when it comes to cooking too. Oil free air fryer is appliance of the future and with it the future seems long and healthy.

However, you should know that there are some of the things you might not like about oil free air fryer. For example, even though it is portable it can be too large and heavy for some. Also, some of air fryers are expensive, and you might want to look for the best price if you fear that it might affect your budget. But you should also calculate how much money you can save on oil if you use oil free air fryer and add that to the equation. Or how much time and energy you can save if you cook with it, especially when cleaning time comes.

And always know that you simply can’t put a price on your health.