How Does An Air Fryer Work

Howdy folks, and welcome to the finest and most exciting explanation on how air fryers work! While we agree that the focal point of air frying is food, the whole process is actually quite intriguing, and we hope that there’s enough people out there willing to learn about it. So for this guide, we decided to start from the beginning, by offering you a brief explanation on what an air fryer is in the first place, a description of the device’s elements, and then the meaty explanation. The goods patiently await below, check ’em out!

What Are Air Fryers

Air Fryer is a relatively new invention from Philips used for frying without significant use of oil or fat. Thanks to this neat gizmo you can fry, grill or roast much cleaner and healthier and still make a tasty meal.

You can get that delightful taste and texture with a drop of your health’s biggest enemies – oil or fat. To be honest, Gordon Ramsey, himself, said it is not identical, but he admitted that chips he made in air fryer taste great and almost the same like the ones he made on a traditional way, but when it comes to question of health it is not even a competition. Because of British obsession with chips, they consume enormous amounts of hidden fat every year (some scientists say that it goes up to 240 000 kilos per year. Anyhow, let’s move on!

Elements of an Air Fryer

The elements

Alright, so the device was named Air Fryer because that is the best description of what it does. This self-explanatory cooking machine is based on high circulation of superheated air. Inside the Air Fryer air gets up to 200 Degrees Celsius  (around 400 Degrees Fahrenheit) and circulates around the food. People from Philips say that you can get crispy chips with as much as 80 percent less fat.

Design is not as complicated as you might think. Inside the Air Fryer there is a heater element that is just above the cooking chamber where you put food. That part looks like a big bowl, with a lot of small holes on bottom so the hot air could get in from beneath, which you can completely remove and put back inside. Above the heater there is mechanical fan. Around the food the chamber there is a double wall.

The heater element and the mechanical fan radiate heat and send it into the cooking chamber. The then goes around and penetrates beneath the food. On the bottom of the air heater there is an air guide which looks like a star of sorts. And the last part is the exhaust system with air filters that is used to minimize the pressure inside the Air Fryer. This air filter also minimizes the odors coming out from the Air Fryer. They added food separator that is used to keep the food apart inside the food chamber.

Most of the new Air Fryers come with timer knob and adjustable temperature included so you could know precisely when the dish is ready to be served. You can also ask for a food agitator that you can use for churning the food inside food chamber.

How Does It WorkHow does an Air fryer work

Now that we know what we can find inside, let’s talk about the functions of all those parts. It uses a technology called rapid air technology. First thing you are supposed to do is to remove the food chamber and fill it with food. The heater element radiates great amount of heated air to the cooking chamber where we put the food. Because the heater element is above the food chamber the heat it radiates goes inside the chamber and goes on to the bottom.

A mechanical fan that is located above the heater element spins and pulls the air up through the cooking chamber and by doing that it creates very powerful airflow. That is very important because that air has a lot of heat energy. Now that air has to go somewhere. The great Philips designers thought about that and created that double wall we talked about before. All that heated air now goes through that double wall and all the way around the cooking chamber. Thanks to that wall flow and heat energy loss are down to a minimum.

Now, when that air gets on the bottom it is then directed by an air guide that looks like a starfish. That shape makes it possible to distribute the heat evenly and in the most effective way there is. When that pressurized air gets to this guide it goes to the food chamber again, but from the other side. At this point the food itself gets involved in the process. The food can distribute that heated air all around the food chamber.

All the food gets cooked evenly and with the required amount of heat. The bottom of the food chamber has a lot of air holes which have a big role in this process. These holes allow the free flow of the air. This way the heat is transferred to the food. Even when the food is completely pilled hot air gets to every piece of food in there. The heater element radiates from above and convection that comes from the bottom generate much higher heat transfer rate than traditional oven does.

This two-sided heating (both radiation and convection) makes turning the food while it is cooking completely unnecessary. This way of preparing food gets us to Mallard effect, special effect that makes the food brown and crispy. Air frying is trying to imitate the deep frying and its effects, but on a much healthier way thanks to minimum use of grease or oil. At this moment when we have air flow from two sides, and the matter of hot air inside the chamber, internal pressure rises. But the designers found a solution for this too.

Additionally, an exhaust system has been added to the mix to reduce this pressure inside the Air Fryer. When there is small quantity of air inside under-pressure gets created. That always makes the smoke and steam to get out through the exhaust.

But what about the smell?

Glad that you asked, because the folks from Philips thought of that too. They created an air filter which processes the smells and the smoke so you don’t have to worry about that either.

Also, thanks to food separator you can cook more than one kind of food at a time without worrying whether your chips or meat will smell like fish you cooked at the same time, and only one dish gets dirty.

The key advantage of air fryers

Big advantage of Air Fryer is absence of oil, grease in which we prepare most of our food. We all love that perfect, taste of fried food. There is not much food out there that someone didn’t try to deep fry. Even fruit and vegetables are now being drown in fat or oil.

Thanks to the way Air Fryer works we can finally eat fried food with a clean conscience. Can you remember all the times you passed perfectly tasteful, crispy, fried meal because you were worried about your cholesterol or clogged arterial? Now, thanks to this new age kitchen appliance we can stop with that because our food didn’t “go for a swim” in oil before we ate it, now that food only “showers” in its juices.

Now think about how many times you didn’t make lunch or dinner you wanted because you had to clean all the grease and oil later. Every time we fry something all the oil and grease have to go somewhere. Air Fryer is easy to clean, much easier than any other so far. You just remove food chamber and wipe it like you wash your plates. Easy as that.

With Air Fryer you get a timer knob that you can adjust any way you want, so the burnt food is something you should not see. Also you can get the one with adjustable temperature so you could choose which way to cook your food.

Safety first!

Safety is also a big advantage for air fryer against regular ones. So many injuries related to frying occur on a daily basis, some researchers even claim that around 50 people die per year in accidents related to chip pans. But that is not what I am talking about. I got burned so many times or splashed by hot oil from a pan, this Air Fryer can save you from all those nerve-racking moments when something like oil splash happens and you get so mad that the lose your appetite.

Air fryers are great, buy one, the end… But jokes aside, this is indeed a revolutionary device that you deserve to get for yourself. In day and age where people are obsessed with technology, smartphones and all that jive, it is a very smart move to take a look at the big picture and focus on what really matters – your health.