Gourmia GTA-2500 Review


What makes this product stand out from the crowd?

I think this air fryer has to be the most versatile one I’ve ever used or even seen, with 11 attachments that come with it. This means you can even make pizza in this amazing air fryer, but as soon as you’ve done doing that, why stop there? Just apply the needed changes, and boil some rice, using the same appliance in a matter of minutes (although, you’d have to clean up the air fryer first). The build quality is impeccable, with digital timer and temperature control. The fact that it can heat up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit should not be overlooked as well.

The world of air frying has reached the new level of excitement with the arrival of Gourmia GTA-2500! If you like your air-fried food as crispy as possible, this is the product for you. Check out the full review in the section below.

Gourmia GTA-2500 – at a glance

Gourmia GTA-2500 gives you an opportunity to indulge in your favorite deep fried food, including deep fried chicken, French fries, onion rings and eggrolls, all while keeping your conscience clean. The power of air frying technology lies in its ability to create incredible crispiness, all that while eliminating the need for any extra fat.

Powerful convection current continuously circulates air, crisping exteriors while keeping the food moist and tender on the inside. The main goal of this product is to replace traditional oil frying with convection cooking and air frying, leaving you with incredible tasty meals that won’t deteriorate your health. Gourmia GTA-2500 air fryer has eleven versatile attachments, giving you the power to do fry, bake, steam, grill, roast and more, all by using the very same appliance.

Gourmia GTA-2500 Review
  • Cooking basket capacity
  • Temperature control
  • Versatility
  • Safety & build quality
  • Additional perks


And there you have it, folks! This is a top-notch choice if you're looking for a good air fryer at a fair and affordable price. When all factors are taken into considerations, the weak points of this product pale in comparison when taken against the good sides, leaving us with no choice but to give this fella a thumbs up!


The Gourmia GTA-2500 Electric Digital Air Fryer Griller and Roaster is great at doing almost everything I’ve tried it for so far. Temperatures and time vary depending on what you’re cooking, but if you start using it on a daily basis, like I did, I’m sure you’ll get a hang of it in no time at all.

Why I love this Air Fryer so much!

I made and baked a fresh pizza in it, and when it came out, it was just fantastic. I’ve cooked chicken and steak in the meat basket, and they turned out juicy and browned, just as they should be. French fries turned out perfect, just like in a restaurant – crispy on the outside and soft on the inside.

The digital controls in the front work just fine, and they don’t seem to overheat or anything like that. As this is the 4th generation air fryer, it was expected of it to have digital controls, which is the case with this product.

With many presets and cycles this unit has, you will be able to start your air fryer ahead with a simple click on a preset, and come back home to a dinner that’s already there! You can also defrost whatever you need defrosting, just like in a microwave, but without the food getting hard or losing its taste. Speaking of microwaves, you can also reheat any leftovers you have, without the fear of let’s say your French fries getting soggy and wet.

The Only Negative

The only drawback I could find with this product is that the non-stick coating of the inner pot is quite thin. After about a month of using and washing this appliance, a place where drippings from roasting and cooking stuck appeared, and I realized that the non-stick coating has come off a bit. For the record, I used only proper cleaning items on it and simple soap and water. I usually don’t use the inner pot for cooking anything and use the unit mostly for roasting, air frying, and some baking, which is why I’m hoping it won’t flake off anymore, although I’m afraid that this is going to happen during cleaning. I think the possible solution for this would be if the manufacturer decided to make the pot from a different, stronger material like ceramic, for instance.

Cooking basket capacity: 4

The cooking basket capacity is just about the only thing that’s standards with this air fryer. Keeping that in mind, the basket is larger than about 50 percent of other air fryers – you can even roast a whole chicken in there.

Temperature control: 5

With the added versatility of this air fryer, the manufacturer made sure that temperature control is top-notch. The temperature you can set ranges from 175 – 450 Degree Fahrenheit (80 – 230 Degree Celsius), which is more than enough to fry, bake, frill, steam or roast just about any dish out there. This is accompanied by a digital, 60 minute timer that shuts off the unit as soon as the cooking is done.

Versatility: 5

Gourmia GTA-2500 has to be the most versatile air fryer I’ve ever seen. It has 11 different attachments that will enable you to cook virtually anything, which is exactly why I’d rather call this kitchen appliance a multicooker, since it can do way more than just fry your food.

Safety & build quality: 4

While this product had to have a top-notch quality regarding safety, I can’t help but feel the design and the build quality are somewhat lacking. This is best shown in the fact that the inner coating of the pot is quite thin, so you have to be extra careful when you clean this unit, especially if you do it by hand. In order to support all those extra attachments, this air fryer is a bit heavy and large, so be prepared to give up some extra space off your kitchen countertop.

Additional perks: 4

As this unit is being advertised as an air fryer primarily, you can easily say that it’s the most versatile air fryer out there, but if you look at it as a multicooker, I feel that there’s something missing there. Many people don’t actually realize what this machine can do, or how to do some of the stuff that’s not exactly standard for an air fryer, like baking a cake, making a pizza, or even boiling something.