Digital Air Fryer

Have you ever wondered if there is an alternative to deep frying, where you use a lot of oil, which is essentially bad for your looks and your health? Did you ever wish for a different method where you wouldn’t have to use so much oil? Well, your wishes are coming true with digital air fryer, a revolutionary cooking appliance that uses hot air to grill, roast and fry all of your favorite food without having to worry about the effects it might have on your body.

A few things to be aware of

Fried food has always been very popular, especially chicken, fish or French fries, but as with many other things people love to indulge in, it was shown that eating fried food carries a lot of health risks. When we talk about negative effects of fried food first thing we need to acknowledge are calories. Deep fried food adds a lot of calories to your daily intake, which can significantly increase your body weight. Also, fried food can increase your cholesterol levels, and thus cause clogging of arteries and even heart disease. All of the health risks that deep frying caries with itself has given fried food a lot of bad reputation and not without reason.

Deep frying also demands a lot of oil to be used, so in addition to health problems, air frying is actually a good way to save some money on oil. It may not seem much at first, but if you think about it, it can actually amount to a lot over a longer period of time. All those reasons have made people give up on fried food despite it being delicious, but now, with digital air fryer you no longer have to limit your enjoyment, because it uses 80 % less oil than deep frying.

What Is air frying?

First air fryers were launched half a decade ago in Europe and Australia, and since then they have become very popular all over the world for obvious reasons. It is the most innovative kitchen appliance probably since the emergence of microwaves, and a must have if you enjoy fried food. The development of technology in recent years means that most of today’s air fryers are digital, and that means that they are more reliable and longer lasting than before. Some of them also have a touchscreen, which makes it look like a cooking device from some older science fiction movies, or something James Bond might have If he was a chef.

It has a cooling system that controls temperature and allows it to protect itself and the owner from overheating. If you’re likely to sometimes forget about food while it is cooking, a fryer that has digital countdown timer and buzzer can be a fantastic choice. It is not only innovative but also versatile since you can use it to fry, roast, bake, grill or cook.

Difference between digital air fryers and deep fryers

Air frying has a lot of advantages over deep frying even if we exclude obvious health benefits. First, it is a lot easier to clean. If you ever spilled oil on your carpet you know how difficult it is to get those stains out.

Also, you no longer have to worry about getting burned by hot oil while frying or the smell of oil spreading all over your kitchen, especially if you burn your food which can never happen with digital air fryer since it has a timer that automatically shuts down when cooking is finished. It is also pretty easy to use and it is a lot safer that deep frying. If you don’t like high maintenance appliances, you’ll be quite happy with a digital air fryer.

Even if at first glance it seems that air frying takes more time than deep frying, that is actually not true. You don’t have to wait for oil to get hot enough, and then cool down after frying is over. If you take cleaning of dishes into consideration as well with filtering and disposition of oil it becomes obvious that digital air frying actually takes less time than deep frying and it is environment friendly since you don’t have to dispose of any extra oil.

It is easy to understand and work with it if you since it comes with well explained user manual, which can help you learn about time and temperature setting for your meals, as well as quantity of ingredients and other information you may require. Anyone can cook with ease by using this appliance and a lot of simple recipes that can be found on line any time of the day.

How does a digital air fryer workDigital air fryer

If you wonder how is it possible to fry something without oil, it is actually very simple process. Digital air fryer uses technology known as Rapid air technology. It basically means that these kitchen appliances are based on using circulation of high degree air for cooking. It is somewhat similar to cooking in a pot, because it enables circulation of hot air in a way that makes the outside of the food crispy and cooked just about right inside.

A heater above the cooking chamber radiates hot air from a close range directly to your dish. Heat from the radiation penetrates deep under the food surface, helping it to get cooked well inside. There is a big fan just above the heater that creates vertical airflow by pulling the air upwards, causing the air to become hot as it passes the heater. It is then carried downwards through a wall and around the cooking chamber, all the way keeping the loss of flow and heat to minimum.

There is an air guide similar to a starfish at the bottom that helps guide the air and distribute the heat evenly and the dish itself also helps in distribution of the heat. Heating form both sides means that you don’t have to turn the food which is very similar to deep frying, minus the extra oil. Digital air fryer has a special system that controls internal pressure, forcing the heat to exit through the exhaust that gets it filtered before release.

How does food prepared in digital air fryer taste?

If you are afraid that the food cooked in digital air fryer will be a lot different from those fried in deep fryer, don’t be. It is true that fried dish made using hot air will have a slightly different taste than the one made in a lot of oil, but it actually keeps all the major characteristics of regularly fried food, like crispiness on the outside and softness on the inside. It is quite similar to deep frying food, but it is much healthier and easier to make.

Some people argue that food fried in digital air fryer actually tastes better than those that are deep fried, especially if you want to re-heat it or eat it cold, since it doesn’t have that well-known oily taste. Its adversity helps you experiment with a lot of different oils, and depending on the way you want to prepare your dish the taste can have a lot of range.

You also don’t have to worry about your food being properly cooked, because if you use digital air fryer you will surely get food that is evenly and properly fried. There are also a lot of recipes available on line that can help you make a wide variety of dishes. Different cooking modes allow you to prepare food just the way you like.

Are there any downsides to digital air fryers?

We have shown a lot of advantages of digital air fryers, but there are some problems with this product that concern some of the costumers. It is a large product and it can sometimes take too much space in your kitchen. Also, this means that it is a bit difficult to carry around, but being portal is still a great thing when it comes to digital air fryer.

Since it is digital some of the customers feel that the letters and numbers on the screen are too small and that they can’t really read well what it has written. Also, prices can be a bit of a problem for some, since there are models that can hit your budget pretty hard. There are also many extra accessories that you might need to make the best of your air fryer.


All things taken into consideration, digital air fryer is the future of cooking, because it corresponds perfectly with new generations that value speed, quality and easy to use gadgets. Digital aspects of air fryers make them not just easy, but also interesting to use and with the advantage of speed they have on their side, you can have more time to spend doing other things.

For people accustomed to digital era, which means less time for exercise and more time spent and the computer, it is important for their food to have less calories, while still remaining delicious. It is the most innovative kitchen appliance right now, and with technology advancing full speed every day, it can only become better.