DELLA Electric Air Fryer Review

There are certain advantages and drawbacks of airfryers of deep-fryers, but it’s widely agreed that good sides outstrip the bad ones by a large margin. Ever since their inception on the market in 2010, airfryers have proved to be a more efficient and healthy option for those who love fried food than those appliances relying on oil exclusively. The DELLA© Electric Air Fryer is no exception to this.

While deep fried things tend to have a rancid smell about them after standing some time (still safe to eat), those fried on air don’t share that problem, and keep the taste they had out of the fryer.  Plus, you don’t have to deal with the smell of oil spreading around the house and getting into your hair, nostrils, or even curtains.

DELLA Electric Air Fryer – at a glance

In a nutshell, the DELLA© Electric Air Fryer is just the thing for people in love with traditional French fries and onion rings, but still want to eat healthily. It’s a stylish solution to get your fried goods without the added calories from smothering it in oil. Better yet, thanks to the incredibly short pre-heating time, you’ll be able to have it on the table in two shakes of a lamb’s tail.

The fryer features the latest sophisticated hot air circulation system, as well as timer and temperature controls. You can fry or brown your food with little to no oil, and the results will be anything between crispy and tender thanks to the adjustable temperature control.

DELLA Electric Air Fryer Review
  • Cooking basket capacity
  • Temperature control
  • Versatility
  • Safety & build quality
  • Additional perks


Despite what people are used to in online reviews, the DELLA© is not full of hot air, at least not figuratively. It’s very affordable, and probably the best fryer in its range. It pretty much recommends itself.


Cooking basket capacity: 4

According to the specs, the mesh basket capacity is 2.8 quart (2.7 liters), and the fryer pan capacity is 4.4 quart (4.2 liters). To paint a picture, it amounts to about two or three servings at a time, without overloading the basket.

The fryer is can tackle any type of frozen or fresh food you can dish out (pun intended), from French fries and onion rings, through eggrolls and chicken, to fresh veggies with a smidgen of oil and some seasoning.

Temperature control: 5

This is where this little fella simply shines. The adjustable temperature control knob covers a range of temperatures between 176°F and 400°F (about 80°C to 200°C), allowing you to simply brown your food, crisp it, or broil it until it’s tender and dripping with juices.

The fryer also features a built-in timer that will switch it off half an hour after you finish with it, which makes it more than convenient for singles or working people. There’s also a power indicator, as well as one for heat.

Versatility: 5

Just like most any airfryer, the DELLA© Electric Air Fryer does not stop at frying. The temp range allows you to almost anything from crispy fries to tender and succulent chicken wings. The basket capacity is not overwhelming, but it’s quite enough to feed two to three persons at a time.

Moreover, as already mentioned, the fryer handles both frozen and fresh foodstuffs, so the only difficulty you’ll have with it is deciding what to choose.

Safety & build quality: 4

This puppy is close to setting a golden standard for airfryers worldwide when it comes to safety features. The food basket release button is covered by a protective plastic cover designed to prevent accidental drops of the hot stuff.

When it comes to build quality, the fryer is somewhat lacking. Even though the housing is heat-resistant and durable, the non-stick coating on the basket is of lesser quality and may come off is used excessively.

Additional perks: 3

The basic offer is strengthened by an obligatory manual guide, but also a complimentary cookbook, a pair of tongs and a basket divider.

Pros and cons

Good stuff:
  • Excellent safety features
  • Very versatile
  • Super easy to clean
  • Comes with a cookbook and tongs
Not-so-good stuff:
  • The non-stick coating seems sub-par
  • Cooks slower than a deep fryer

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