Black+Decker HF110SBD Review


Good stuff
  • Main goal fully accomplished: tasty food, no unhealthy ingredients
  • Very easy to operate, clear instructions
  • High versatility, can cook anything from frozen veggies to pizza rolls
  • Top-level safety and reliability
Not-so-good stuff
  • Minor timer issues; once timer goes off, so does the entire machine
  • The cooking room is fine, but you’d expect more considering the device’s size

Thanks to a nifty little gadget called air fryer, the world of healthy food has received a major boost by combining the best of both worlds – tasty nourishment on one side, and healthy ingredients free of bad stuff for you body on the other. One of the devices at the forefront of this movement is the Black+Decker HF110SBD, a versatile beast with great value for money and one of our top picks for the title of best cheap air cooker out there. We took it out for a spin, our thoughts and conclusions patiently await in the full review below.

If you’re wondering about the general nature of these products and the taste of food made in them, air fried dishes will, naturally, have a slightly different taste than deep fried food, but as many gourmets would confirm, air fried food actually tastes better, in addition to it being a lot more healthier – even if the food is gone cold, or after re-heating it, you don’t get that oily taste that can have some adverse effects to your stomach.  That being said, air fried food does taste a lot similar to the deep fried food, without the hassle of cleaning up or having that bad smell from frying spread across your household.

Black+Decker HF110SBD – at a glance

The Black+Decker HF110SBD has dual convection fans system that makes sure this cooking element efficiently combines heat currents, in order to circulate hot air all around the contents of the food basket, achieving super-fast cooking.

The modern design of this air fryer includes two indicator lights, where one light is used to show when the unit is powered on, while the other one lets you know when the desired temperature is reached by turning off. Alongside this air fryer comes a great cookbook, although it’s concentrated primarily on snacks, so be prepared to scour the internet and other sources in order to get the right recipes, or you can check our cookbook here. [link to Air Fryer Recipes]

Black+Decker HF110SBD Review
  • Cooking basket capacity
  • Temperature control
  • Versatility
  • Safety & build quality
  • Additional perks


When all is said and combined, this is a top-level pick for the listed price. It does the job great, and in our humble opinion all the complains we had pale in comparison to the value for money factor. A great bang for the buck, a great product. A thumbs up from here, yes!


Cooking basket capacity: 4

The capacity of the product’s cooking basket is 2 liters, which is enough room for 8 cups, or quite enough food for 2-3 people. This is a solid mark, especially considering the price tag, and while you can’t instantly feed a gang of six with this fella, we still see the given capacity as more than enough to cover the needs of the majority of folks out there.

Since the world is measured in potatoes these days, that’s enough room for two large potatoes, or 8 juicy chicken wings. Overall, this is a good coking space, and the only minor complaint we might have is that the item’s chunky size of 11.5 x 11.5 x 13 inches leaves some users expecting more cooking room.

Temperature control: 4

The variable temperature control ranges from 175 – 400 Degree Fahrenheit (80 – 205 Degree Celsius), but perhaps more importantly, the given power is easily controllable through an on-board 60-minute timer that even automatically turns off the appliance once the cooking process is complete. In more basic terms, this puppy has your back covered with anything from deeply frozen veggies to yummy pizza rolls.

However, the timer cannot be adjusted downward, meaning that whet it goes off, so does the cooker. So a nice little tip here to fix this minor inconvenience: always set the timer 15 minutes longer than it’s recommended. This will allow the preheating to properly take place and yield the best cooking results. And while we’re at it, those numbers on the control dial are too darn small, especially when there’s so much free space on the dial surface. And yes, we’re nitpicking a bit now.

Versatility: 5

For a smaller fella, this cooker is surprisingly versatile! The mentioned heat range can really cover a lot of ground, and the cooking space can easily be organized to fit a variety of dishes. The rating is further bumped up by a set of dual convection fans, an exclusive cooking feature that mixes heat with a powerful dual fan convection system, allowing equal hot-air circulation around food, and thus reeling in some fast, yet crispy results.

In practical terms, the cooker can tackle both frozen and raw food with equal efficiency, and make them taste good along the way. During the preparation process, all you have to do is toss the raw veggies with nothing more than half a table spoon of olive oil, kick-start the beast, and enjoy the goods!

Safety & build quality: 4

First and foremost, the safety factor is top-notch and gets an easy 5-star rating; we would NEVER recommend a device that doesn’t have top safety regulations and we’ll just leave it at that. As for the build quality, the basket is made from coated metal, similar to any non-stick pan, which is once again great. The exterior is plastic and it’s solid, while the rest of the mix also includes a two-year warranty.

You can find out more about air fryers here.

Additional perks: 3

We’re looking at basic stuff here: standard controls, standard build quality, standard efficiency, and a cool little addition – a cool-touch handle, which allows you to retrieve the food once it’s finished on a safe distance from all the heat. Overall, basic, yet highly efficient. The heat-resistant black disc on top is very useful, allowing you to firmly put one hand on it, while using the other to pull the basket out. Neat stuff; basic, but neat!