Big Boss Oil-Less Fryer Review


Do you want the best cheap air fryer that will deliver the good, keep your food healthy and free of oil while rocking the lowest possible price tag? You’ve come to the right place, sir, the Big Boss is your lucky pick, check it out!

Big Boss Oil-Less Fryer – at a glance

The Big Boss 9063 Oil-Less Fryer is said to be one of the pioneers that reinvented traditional cooking. This tabletop cooking appliance successfully combines different techniques in order to leave the food texture smooth and moist on the inside, while at the same time it makes the outside of the food browned, crispy – without almost any use of oil, grease or fat whatsoever.

These techniques are: halogen heat, convection and infrared technology that blend in together quite well, all while having the goal of delivering that great tasting deep fried dish.

The halogen part of the equation makes sure the surface of the food is heated directly, in order to achieve that effect of browning, roasting and to get that special flavor as well. The convection fulfills the role of circulating the hot air, making sure that the heat is being distributed evenly, which in turn considerably reduces the cooking time, and makes this air fryer energy efficient.

Further down the line, we have the infrared heat, which takes care that the food is being cooked from the inside out, getting you that tender, gentle texture of the dish you’re making. Some of the dishes you can make with this machine include: roasted turkey, baked fish, broiled steak, air fried chicken, grilled meat, toast bread, steam vegetable and even various desserts – all without needing any defrosting or pre-heating beforehand.

  • Cooking basket capacity
  • Temperature control
  • Versatility
  • Safety & build quality
  • Additional perks


When all the factors are combined, this is an item worthy of purchase. It's by far the best cheap air fryer out there, and probably the only product of this niche with such a low price that we can wholeheartedly recommend. Good stuff, a major thumbs up from here!


Cooking basket capacity: 4

The cooking basket has enough room to easily fit a meal for two and then some extra. You can place a variety of different food types inside, and one of the nifty features that instantly grabbed our attention is the presence of two trays on the inside, which allows you to separate different types of food and organize the cooking process in the way that you find most fitting.

However, this is where one of the drawbacks of the product shines through, as the Big Boss is indeed big. We are looking at a bulky item that gives an impression of being capable of taking much more food in.

Temperature control: 4

While the device’s temperature range is standard stuff, we have to say we’re very pleased with the way this fella delivers the goods, utilizing the so-called triple cooking power through convection, halogen, and infrared heat.

The device utilizes a set of two dial knobs on top that allow the user to lock in the desired temperature up to nearly 500 degrees Fahrenheit, as well as assign the desired frying time. The thing about these dials is that while they do an OK job, they are still less accurate than digital dials, as well as more prone to damage. Therefore, we give it a final rating of 4.

Versatility: 3

The device does a decent job in tackling a variety of food types. It can tackle anything from veggies to fish sticks and chicken. But, one of the problems we noticed is that different types of food sometimes don’t get fried evenly, making it more difficult to make some of the meals recommended in the cook book. And speaking of which, the cook book is alright in terms of recipes it offers, but we were not all that pleased when dialing the exact recommended values – it’s just that some of the meals turned out better with more heat, while others required less.

But still, none of this stuff will represent a problem for experienced cooks. If you have experience in the kitchen, you’ll easily master all the tweaks and make great, healthy, tasty food with this fella. But still, not too beginner friendly means 3 stars for us in total. Far from bad, hardly astonishing.

Safety and build quality: 4

As always, we feel the need to post a disclaimer first that never in our right mind would we ever recommend an item with even a slight indication of safety issues. Each of the items recommended on our site is 100 percent safe and hazard-free. But with that out of the way, the gizmo does utilize some plastic parts that aren’t top-grade stuff and tend to overheat easily. But those are still fairly minor issues when compared to how low the price tag is. Additionally, due to its bulky nature, the product is extra sturdy and not prone to damage, which is nice.

Additional perks: 3

We’ve touched on this issue a bit already, and we can say once again that the onboard recipe book is not that great, as many of the cooking times given in it are far from top-notch. Apart from that, there are no additional perks inside, but we haven’t exactly expected that from the listed price.

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The best thing about this product

Without a hint of doubt, we can say that value for money is what makes this product stand out so much. Yes, it offers just the basics, but those basics are the most important thing – healthy food, easy operation, high safety, high durability – what more do you really need? And seeing that we are talking about the under 100 price department here, we know that this is a shoo-in for the list of best air fryers on the market.