Best XL Air Fryers Review

Air-fryers are excellent way to have healthy, guiltless fried meals. You can enjoy your fries, onion rings and a myriad more fried, baked, roasted, grilled and cooked dishes without the added calories from drowning them in oil. Moreover, while deep-fried food often tastes unpalatable when cold, and preparing it leaves a lingering smell of burnt oil in your house, hair and nostrils, air-fried food will be just as tasty cold as it is hot, and air-frying won’t make your kitchen smell like the back of a cheap restaurant.

Granted, there’s a drawback regarding the capacity of most air-fryers, as they’d more often than not prepare two to three servings, making it time-consuming to cook for family of four or smaller crowds. However, with XL Air-fryers (yes, XL is exactly what you think it is), the capacity is increased, allowing you to prepare healthier meals for your family, or even small gatherings.

Best XL Fryer

FryerCapacityAdjustable TempTimerBudgetRating
Philips Digital Airfryer, X-Large2.65 lbs.Yes60-minuteHigh4.3
GoWISE USA GW22631 4th Generation XL5.8 qt.Yes30-minuteMedium4.3
DELLA Electric Air Fryer4.4 qt.Yes30-minuteLow4.4
Avalon Bay AB-AirFryer200SS3.2 lbs.Yes30-minuteMedium4.3

The Philips Digital Airfryer, X-Large is, hands down, the best of the best on the market. It does cost a pretty penny, but rest assured, you’ll feel where the extra money went.

The fryer features Rapid Air Circulation Technology, which allows you to make your meals with little to no oil using heated air to evaporate natural fats from your food (like chicken) or small amounts of oil (for veggies) then circulate it to coat whatever it is you’re making.

The basket capacity is just enough to fit a family-sized chicken or smaller turkey or enough fries for five. For added capacity, there’s an optional grill pan and kabob rack.

Biggest Air Fryer

The GoWISE USA GW22631 4th Generation XL is the fryer with the greatest capacity, bar none. Not only a fryer, this puppy is a multitasker that allows you to fry, bake, roast and grill using little to no oil.

There are seven built-in Smart programs for chips, meat, chicken, steak, shrimp and fish that make your life that much easier.

The basket size allows you to cook family sized meals’ worth of fries, tater tots, chicken nuggets, or even whole chicken without the added calories from dunking it in oil.

Best Value for Money Air Fryer

The Avalon Bay AB-AirFryer200SS is probably the best bang for buck you’ll find out there, as many a satisfied buyer would testify. The fryer’s Rapid Air Circulation Technology enables you to make healthy meals with speed and precision, but little to no oil.

The safety elements include non-slip feet and a 30-minute timer.

The offer includes a baking pan and rack, and combined with a complimentary 52-page cookbook makes for a great and versatile product.

The basket capacity lets you prepare four chicken legs, or about six drumsticks. Alternatively, you could just as easily roast a whole medium-sized, bone-in chicken, or just go for a Cornish game or two.

Most Affordable Air Fryer

Like most air-fryers, the DELLA Electric Air Fryer uses Rapid Air Circulation Technology to allow you to prepare fried meals using little to no oil, thereby eliminating the added calories and trans-fats from drowning it in deep-fryers.

The adjustable temperature, ranging between 175°F to 392°F (about 80°C to 200°C), enables you to prepare a wide range of meals, from juicy, tender chicken wings to crispy fries and onion rings.

The safety department is where this pupster really shines, thanks to the protective plastic that covers the food basket release button; this serves the purpose of preventing accidentally dropping the food basket holder and ruining the meal, not to mention risking to burn yourself.

The fryer’s pan’s capacity is 4.4 quarts, while the included mesh basket holds 2.8 quarts (lessens the capacity, but adds versatility).

There’s a complimentary cookbook and a tong thrown into the deal, making this a fair bang for buck.