Air fryer vs. Deep fryer

Life of a modern man has become very stressful because of the increasing number of obligations and more and more notable lack of free time. Given that, a modern man spends the biggest part of his time at work, and one of the life aspects that suffers in that situation is nutrition. Due to a lack of time, modern man reaches for fast food and fastest ways for preparing his food, and as we know – the faster the way of preparing the food – the lower the quality of the food we’re eating.

Air fryer vs Deep fryer

The big question

Due to a large number of obligations, everybody is faced with an important question – how do we manage to eat properly and healthy? A number of medical research are proving every day that the improper nutrition is the cause of all chronic diseases, and one of the key causes of improper nutrition is the way we prepare our food.

In ancient Greece, Hippocrates, father of medicine told once: “Let your food to be your medicine, and medicine to be your food.” Food can help a lot in preserving our health, but as we know, it can also be dangerous for us. Today, we are more than ever, aware of the fact that duration and quality of our life depend on, primarily, the quality of food we are eating and the way we are preparing our meals. It’s interesting that people these days are more concerned about the quality of fuel they pour in their cars, but they care less about the food they eat.

Is deep frying really that bad for you? And if yes, why?

To answer the first part of that question – yes, yes it is really as bad as they say. To elaborate a bit further, deep-fried food means that the food was prepared in a large quantity of oil at very high temperature. Food is immersed in a large amount of oil and it’s ready in just a few minutes. When it comes to the sort of oil that is used in deep fryers, not all edible oils are applicable. Deep fryers are using oils that have higher temperature of ignition, such as palm or sunflower oil. Oils that have a lower temperature of ignition, such as olive oil, are not applicable in this particular way of preparing food.

One of the reasons why deep frying isn’t practical is the problem of the oil change. When it comes to that, it means that we can’t use that oil anymore, because it has a bad smell, or darker color, or starts to foam in the process of frying. In developed countries, oils that are used for this way of preparation food are used for recycling, and sometimes even as a biodiesel fuel.

Superheated greases are making trans fatty acids that are very dangerous for our health. Food that is being prepared in superheated grease loses all nutritional values, such as proteins, minerals, and vitamins. With that amount of oil and grease, the color, the taste and the smell of food are drastically changed and it’s almost impossible to preserve any kind of vitamins, or quality of that food, which would eventually lead to the preservation of our health, if not to the improvement of it.

But isn’t all that grease, oil and unhealthy stuff what makes the food taste good?

No, nutritional value and taste that we like comes primarily from the food itself, not from the greases that we add to the food we’re preparing. It’s interesting to mention that when we fry meat in superheated greases, it gets smaller for about 20-30 percent. When deep-fried food is made, we add various spices, in order to get a better taste, which the food lost in the process of deep-frying. Those spices are also dangerous for our health.

Why deep frying should scare you, and why you should get that darn air fryer ASAP

  • The process of making food in superheated grease produces the substance called acrolein, which is very dangerous for our health, it’s toxic and research shows that it’s even cancerous. Would you drink this kind of substance? Probably not. Then, what is the reason you eat this every day in your deep-fried food?
  • Medical research has proved that bad and unhealthy nutrition is the leading cause of all chronic deseases, such as obesity, high blood pressure, heart diseases, diabetes and different kinds of cancer. According to the data from the UN, those diseases are the cause of 70 percent of deaths in the world, and 60 percent in the USA alone.
  • What is especially worrying, is that according to data of the World health organization, the number of children that suffer from obesity has gotten three times higher over the course of the last 30 years. If a child in its early ages suffers from obesity, it is almost certain that it will have the same problem as an adult.
  • One more from the list of “modern diseases” that is believed to be on the up is also diabetes. Diabetes can cause stroke, heart attack, blindness, kidney failure, amputation of limbs. According to data of World foundation for the fight against diabetes, every 10 seconds one person who suffers from diabetes dies, which a leading cause is – bad nutrition.
  • Unhealthy and bad nutrition is also the leading cause of atherosclerosis – vascular disease. This disease inevitably leads to high blood pressure, which is a leading cause for many heart diseases and it is one of the main causes of death in the world. And all that because we like deep-fried food, which loses its taste during that process, and then we add some unhealthy spices to get it better. Is it worth it, in the end?
  • Now, the question is – is there some alternative to this kind of making food? Is there an alternative that will help us save the most precious thing we have – our health? The answer is – of course there is! Unlike deep-frying as a process of making food, there is completely different and much healthier way to prepare our food – air frying.

What is air frying, and what difference does it make

So what exactly does air frying mean? Basically, it’s air heating in a closed dish that allows us to make a meal without oils or greases or in a way that their share in this way of preparing food is minimal. That is also very significant, because unlike deep-frying, in air-frying there is no danger of getting burnt by sizzling hot oil, and it’s known that only in the USA the cause of 40.000 fires happens on the account of oil, fat or grease cooking. The system of air frying is, therefore, more safer and in last 15 years is constantly improving. The highest priority of this way of preparing food is that it saves all the nutritional values and quality of food. Also, air fraying enables far easier cleaning after preparing meals, and that saves us time and energy. There are no bad smells that oils collect. At first, it may seem that this way of preparation may take a lot of time, but if you consider the process of cleaning, then the amount of time is almost the same as in deep-frying process.

Differences in food preparation

The principle of preparation is based on hot air that enters at the bottom of the dish, and then it goes to the top, equally heating all the food in the dish. That equally heating eliminates the necessity of rotation of food. Also, when we make a deep-fried food it’s inevitable that a part of oil stays in food, unlike in air fried food, which cooks in its own juice. In such a way, food saves its own taste and smell, shape and texture, it’s not cancerous and it does not scorch.

There aren’t any harmful residues. Not only the quality of food, air frying also saves the energy. In conventional cooking, there is always the possibility that food isn’t cooked until the end, but in air frying this process is 100 percent guaranteed. One of the concerns with air frying is what kind of taste could have food prepared in hot air. Well, the answer is – completely natural and saved, healthy, exactly what it should be, without adding artificial ingredients, which are giving completely different taste to the food.

The key point

A key priority of air frying is that in a large degree we are eliminating danger from arising of earlier mentioned diseases, and as we said, they are a result of unhealthy nutrition, and a cause of  unhealthy nutrition is the bad preparation of meals. If we can afford new car or shoes, is there anything more important than our health?

We should preserve it, and save our money for some beautiful things, and not for medicines that are most often result of our unhealthy choices. If we breathe air so we could survive, then why wouldn’t we use the same element sustainable for life, and make our food with it? We would save our health and the health of our closest ones. Save you health, stop deep frying.

If you’re interested in treating yourself with an air fryer, feel free to consult our air fryer buying guide.