Air Fryer as seen on TV

We all want to eat healthy but nonetheless tasty foods. Usually the two don’t go together, but with the air fryer you can have both. Remarkable enough, the invention that is becoming more and more popular in recent years, uses technology that creates high temperatures using only hot air to bake, roast, fry and grill food.

Air fryers are also often seen advertised on television, leaving many folks wondering the same thing: “Are air fryers actually that cool as they show it on TV?” Well, that’s one of the questions we’ll try to address with this guide, all while giving you an input on what are fryers are and how they work.

Fried food – tasty, but deadly

The thing with fried food is that it tastes so good because its rich in flavor and taste, but that almost always means that it is full with saturated fat which is very dangerous health wise. You know you can’t resist the taste of a home fried chicken nugget or a bunch of hot French fries.

This is an appliance that can effortlessly create fantastic fried food, ready to serve, no cooking oil stuck or dripping off of it. A device that cooks faster and saves money every time you cook and wherever this device is available for sale in the world, right now it’s selling out!

What’s the difference between air fryers sold online and air fryers on TV?

Healthier Lifestyle!

This is a frequent question, and we guess that the answer is often only presentation. Yes, those TV ads make everything seem really effortless and almost magical, but the gist of it – convenient cooking of healthy, yet tasty food – remains true. Yes, it might take a bit longer and not everything will so spotless clean like on TV, but it’ll still be pretty cool. That’s our opinion, of course, as a gang of cooking aficionados who got hooked on this new technology a few years ago and loved it so much that we opened a blog.

How to approach air cooking and a healthier lifestyle it brings

We have to start checking our fat intake and it’s never too late to start eating healthier. With the air fryer you can still be having a comforting, delicious food without worrying about the health risks.

Remember with no oil you can now create snacks, reheat food, you can defrost frozen food, cook, bake, fry and much more. If you find it hard to believe you can check it out for yourself. Thousands of people have recommended it, famous chefs, TV presenters and they all have had the pleasure to enjoy healthy food prepared with the air fryer.

Research has shown that we are getting fatter, the whole world has more obese people than ever before and cancer and heart attack have been noticed and documented with an alarmingly high number of people around the globe. Doctors are constantly keeping people aware of risks of unhealthy food. But all of this is history.

How is it possible?

A common question asked after seeing those TV ads, alright! Well, the cooking technology is called turbo airwave fryer, this creates turbo heated air and that circulates all around the food on the inside so you are keeping the immaculate taste and you are taking all of that health risk away. The air fryer generates heat and the built in fan forces air throughout the machine. This combination of heat and forced air allows you to cook almost anything you love to eat in under 30 minutes. The food chamber is non-stick and dishwasher safe.

Is it as easy to use as they show on TV?

Yeah. You can make a whole lot of different goodies, including fish, pizza slices, potatoes, beef, burgers, mushrooms and a wide range of cakes if you are a sweet tooth, and the only controls the device utilizes are two buttons or knobs – Temperature Control and Timer.

People also say it’s great for parties. When you don’t have the time, you can just pop in a couple of pies or mini pizzas and you don’t have to worry if it’s going to get dehydrated, because its technology uses hot air to cook it on the inside and keep it crispy and good-looking on the outside.

Saves Time!

It’s a time saver

A big benefit with the air fryer compared to a normal oven is not having to preheat an oven at all. This device sucks air and instantly creates the cooking temperature that you set. So you are saving time every time you cook with air fryer unlike with the oven where you are wasting a lot of your time you could be spending with your family or enjoying your hobbies, and more importantly you are not wasting electricity and essentially that means you are not wasting your precious money.

In other words, the air fryer pays for itself every time you use it you save money and time.

My doctor said I can’t eat certain types of food, does air frying makes a difference?

Yes, it can make a difference. Of course, ALWAYS consult your doctor before taking action, but experts say that a solid portion of the food you have given up because of your health problems or diet based decisions, you can enjoy once again.

Even in cases where your doctor forbid you to eat certain types of food, that is not a problem because the food prepared with air fried cooker is not the same food your doctor crossed off the list. The main problem were the oil and fats, and now using this appliance you don’t need to worry about those health scares because you are not using them to prepare your food. Just put you food of choice in the cooking chamber, wait for a small amount of time and freely enjoy in your healthy prepared meal.

The secret is on the inside. For example, French fries prepared the traditional way come up with a ton more calories and fat than the French fries prepared with air frying. Because it only uses hot air to cook evenly all of your French fries to get the same taste and crunchiness as in regular deep fried French fries.

Are air fryers smell-free like they say on TV?

Yes, it’s one of the best parts – you don’t have to worry about odors, because the machine doesn’t let out any smell, keeping you safe from the nuisance of regularly changing clothes or opening the windows to ventilate your house.

Additionally, many people have found it extremely useful to carry the air fryer with them on camping, to vacation in hotels, for the weekends on the lake or in the mountains. It doesn’t take much space, certainly doesn’t take time to use but it allows you to prepare almost anything you crave even though you are miles away from your home.

Or let’s say you were at home but don’t the money or place for an oven, or you are in the transition of moving so you didn’t have the time to set everything up, just install it on the counter and it’s ready to use. It is a choice favorite amongst students who can’t eat in the cafeteria, but still love homemade food.

Things they say about air fryers on TV that are true

Further on up the road, you can also cook a whole meal because it has a food separators as an additional part so you don’t have to mix your food in one compartment. That way you vegetables stay the way you like them without any meat or mushrooms interfering with the taste.

It has a separator that keeps all the natural oil from let’s say chicken away from your plate and stays at the bottom of the chamber. Remember, it is a non-stick material, so you won’t get in the usual trouble of scrubbing old rusty pans for ours and damaging your hands with soap and sponge. Another time-saver!

Why it’s better to buy an air fryer online that through TV

The reason is simple – price. Online shopping gives you direct contact with the seller, and sellers who advertise on TV often have higher expenses and therefore have to boost the price a bit to make money. If you want to learn about which air fryer is best for, consult our air fryer buying guide.


The conclusion is – get an air fryer, take your recipe books out of the cupboard and start playing in your own kitchen! Nothing is off limits, you can bake, fry, cook anything you stumble upon and find to your liking. With the free time you will obtain while using the air fryer you can become a real chef of your family and use that time to keep coming up with new and fresh meals that will fascinate anyone you serve your food to.

Thousands of air fryers are sold monthly around the world so get yours as soon as you can and check out all of the advantages people are talking about. Start preserving your health and still cook delicious meals. If you have a plug you can take it with you anywhere you go. Easy to use, safe to own, a space saver – your very own air fryer!