Air Fryer Fried Chicken

I suppose there aren’t many people in this world that don’t like to eat crispy fried chicken, deep fried in oil and so crunchy that you can even eat bones. Tasty and salty, it feels like a small piece of paradise just melting in your mouth. It doesn’t even matter if it’s wings, breasts or leg that is sitting in your plate, a fine meal is guaranteed.

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Carol Smith, Nutrition Expert
Carol Smith

But, same as many other tasty and fried food, it is bad for your health and weight. Fried food adds a lot of calories to your body, so it is recommended to avoid fried food or at least not eat it that often. So many have tried to think of a way to make fried chicken as tasty, but without a devastating effect to your body. Now, the solution Is here. You can now make fried chicken without any oil simply by air frying it.

Air Fryer Fried Chicken

How do you air fry a chicken?

Air frying is a new method in cooking that uses hot air to make any kind of delicious food you can think of without using oil, fat or grease. Yeah, you read it right. No oil, fat or grease, just a chunk of hot, steaming air. Air fryer is relatively new kitchen appliance, and rather innovative as you can see. It is made of basket in which the food goes into, and you can put different food in it, for example chicken breasts.

There is a heater on top of the basket that sends heat directly to your food and penetrates its outer layer to make the inside of your chicken soft and well cooked. Above this heater there is a fan that constantly pulls the hot air upward, making it even hotter as it passes the heater again. The flow of the hot air that fries your chicken is guided by an air guide placed at the bottom of air fryer that looks like a starfish and evenly distributes hot air all over the cooking chamber.

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It doesn’t matter if your chicken is all piled up, it will be evenly fried because your food is simultaneously heated from both sides of the basket and thanks to the timer that you can set, your chicken will be fried just like you want it to be. Thanks to this timer, you don’t have to worry about under or overcooking your chicken, because you will be alarmed by the buzzer when the time for cooking is over.

The result is both satisfying and surprising. Without any oil, your chicken can be as crispy on the outside and soft on the inside as if it was made in a deep fryer. Of course, it doesn’t taste exactly the same as deep fried chicken, but some say it tastes as good or maybe even better. I guess a small change in taste is not that big of a sacrifice if it helps you keep your line in check and your body and mind healthy.

A safe way to fry your chicken

There are other advantages to using air frying to fry your chicken than just health benefits. It is much safer than frying your chicken in a pan or a deep fryer full of hot, boiling oil. How many times have you burned yourself on hot oil? With an air fryer, you don’t have to worry that your chicken might bite you by splashing hot oil on your hands. Even though it uses hot air to fry your chicken (temperature may rise to a 200 degrees, but you adjust your temperature setting in accordance to the food you make), air fryer has a cooling system that prevents you from accidently burning yourself touching it. And since it uses its features to spread the hot air evenly through the basket, you don’t have to turn you chicken and open the air fryer during the process.

But if you air fry your chicken you are not just keeping yourself safer, you also take care of the environment. Air fryers have exhaust system that takes care of internal pressure in the fryer when temperature rises to much, but before it sends the steam and smoke into the air, it is filtered and thus environment friendly. Also, since you don’t use any oil when you air fry your chicken, there is no extra oil that you need to dispose of, so any worries that you might have about environment just vanish in the air when you use air fryer. Some might even say that they are air fried.

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And a clean way to fry your chicken

As we said before, there probably aren’t many people that don’t like fried chicken. I guess there are as many of them as those who like to clean. Especially after deep frying, when all that oil cools of and you have to wash your dishes long and hard. And if there is any spilled oil, that’s a double trouble. When you use air fryer to fry your chicken, you don’t have to worry about any of that. It is as easy to clean as it is easy to use. And it is very easy to use. You just have to follow instructions written in your manual. Put the chicken meat in, close the appliance, set the temperature and time and that’s it. It is way simpler that deep frying, and also a lot faster, especially if you take into consideration time you might waste waiting for the oil to get hot enough, and to cool down after. With the exhaust system we mentioned earlier, you can now keep the air in your kitchen clean of any oil related smell that you might get when deep frying.

Cleaning air fryer doesn’t take as much time, you should just clean it with water and sponge after every use, and then dry it out with a paper towel. That will be enough to keep your air fryer clean and your fried chicken tasty. Read more here on How to clean an air fryer.

Air Fryed Chicken 2017

What does an air fried chicken taste like?

First, let me just point out that air fryer is good for making all kinds of delicious meals, like French fries, fish, hamburgers, almost all types of vegetables or even brownies because it lets you fry, roast, grill or bake in it. But one of the best things you can make by air frying is chicken. You can roast an entire chicken in you air fryer and in just 30 minutes. You can fry drumsticks, you can grill your chicken breasts or fry some chicken wings. Remember, you can do this without using any oil, fat or grease, but if you want you can experiment a little by using a small amount of some healthier oil, like walnut oil or avocado oil. The number of meals and combinations that you can make by air frying your chicken is endless, and you can find a lot of recipes for your air fried chicken online, and some of them even go with the manual. We decided to share one recipe with you, a simple, but delicious one, just to help you get started.

To make tasty air fryer marinated chicken wings you will need no more than eight wings, half a cup of olive oil, one teaspoon of salt, pepper and sweet or hot paprika, which ever you more prefer. To prepare these wings you need to put olive oil in a cup and then add salt, pepper and paprika, mixing it well. After you do that, you put the wings to marinate for 30 to 60 minutes. Then you should preheat the air fryer to 200 degrees, before you put the wings inside. Set the timer to 12 minutes, then you can flip them a bit if you are making more than 5 so they don’t stick to each other. Then you set the timer to another 8 minutes and enjoy your delicious air fried marinated chicken wings. And don’t worry if you made more than you can eat, with air fryer you can re-heat your chicken at It will be as delicious as it was fresh. You could even eat it cold, and it will still be tasty, without that oily feeling when you eat cold deep fried chicken wings.

Air Fryed Chicken Recipes

Don’t be a chicken, eat air fried chicken

There is no more need for you to feel guilt every time you wish for some fried chicken wings. There is no more need to opt out of frying your chicken breasts and go with steaming it along some vegetables. Your drumsticks can now be extra crispy and extra healthy. You just need to make a one-time change and add air fryer to your list of kitchen appliances. It is the most innovative kitchen gadget and it fits so well with these modern times where technology is running our lives and speed essential. With one purchase you can make yourself healthier on the long run, you can save a lot of time and even some money on all that oil that you regularly use, so start air frying your chicken now.

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