As a long-time gourmet and hedonist, I often found myself battling those extra few pounds, which were directly correlated to my nutrition, as I always enjoyed a good walk and was physically active. Four years ago, when I started to be extra careful about the kind of food I’m eating, I was introduced to air frying.

This was happening just about the time I finished my college studies, when I first started to be more careful about my nutrition, seeing that paying attention to what we eat and good nutrition can do so much good for us in the long run. I’ve almost completely eliminated my daily intake of red meat, any food rich with trans fatty acids, and rich in fat in general.

Preparing Food

Further down the line, I even decided to avoid any meals containing gluten as well. For about a year or so I even started a chrono diet, but I’ve discovered that the sheer amount of raw, unprocessed food that this diet implies just isn’t a good fit for me. When I was first introduced to air frying, I instantly knew that this cooking technique is going to do wonders for me, because, I’d be able to enjoy food that is normally considered unhealthy for you, but in a healthy way.

This, and the fact that with this appliance, I can do a variety of different dishes, which is so important to me because I apply many different techniques, flavors and taste. Hopefully, some of the information you can find on my blog will assist you in getting to better and healthy nutrition!

I’d be able to enjoy food that is normally considered unhealthy for you, but in a healthy way.

This new cooking technique gave me an opportunity to enjoy a variety of dishes that I’ve previously sworn to never eat again. And seeing that I’ve practiced a variety of different cooking techniques from boiling and roasting to slow cooking, frying and baking, I was worried that this may cause an issue with using air fryer, as I thought I’d need many additional kitchen appliances. However, this was not the case, and now most air fryer models have many more features than just frying.

Middle Eastern Food

Food from the Middle East.

All I’ve mentioned above has made ma an avid air fryer aficionado, and I’m not speaking strictly appliance-wise, but I also find the cooking technique of air frying to be quite astonishing.

After I discovered my love for cooking, I decided to pair it up with another style of living that would blend in well, just like ingredients in my favorite recipes. I’ve travelled across the globe, trying out different cuisines, and learning how to learn and implement what I saw there. For the spicy food from Middle East to strong and nourishing specialties of Europe, I’ve seen it all, and I’ve tried it all, enriching my experience as a chef.

What I’ve gathered and learned over the course of years, and many travels, I’ve put in a few cookbooks, you can find in my blog. They are mostly concentrated on healthy, yet delicious meals from a variety of different cultures and cuisines.